13 October 2015

Summer Knitting Workshop

Now knitting in summer might not be your thing


it might be your thing in the Southern Highlands of NSW where it never gets REALLY hot


in five and half fabulous days we will learn

The art of design
The technique of design
Knitting in the round with the magic loop
Continental knitting
Fair Isle knitting
Long tail cast on
Reading your knitting

And a bunch of new things like

Short rows
Tubular cast on
Tubular cast off
Kitchener grafting

And a whole bunch of tricks to make your knitting... well... so much more ... FABULOUS than it already is.


from Jan 4 - 9

In Mittagong

And share in ALL the joyous creativity that happens there

Bookmaking, woodwork, botanical drawing, weaving, basketry, silver smithing, heaps of things.

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