Workshop Wonders

I dunno really!

One of these girls was in such a hurry to get here, she drove a little too fast and got pulled over by the constabulary.

Mr Policeman:  Is there are reason you were going 80 kph in a 60 zone madam?

Ms Knitter: Well officer, we are on the way to make tea cosies and we don't want to be late.

Me thinks that officer was about to win the "Most Unusual Excuse Award" for the day back at the station.  He let Ms Knitter off with a warning. 

Yep.  This was definitely worth hurrying for.


Oh these are gorgeous!!I adore tea cosies, but can't knit or crochet, so I'm just an appreciative audience.Looks like you girls had loads of fun!
Frances said…
What a relief that there weren't any road accidents involved in the delivery of these fabulously creative cosy designs to the arrangement shown in the great photograph.

I am glad that no one got a ticket, but do hope that the particular cosy knitter/crocheter behind that particular steering wheel will think again before driving so fast next time.

Now...would it be possible to have a close up view of each of these brilliant cosies?

Best wishes, xo
Violet Lane said…
What an absolutely gorgeous group of women! I would have been speeding too to get to that workshop! Lol.

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