Portraits of a Tea Cosy opens in Ballina

The Portraits of a Tea Cosy exhibition is now open at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina, Norther NSW.

You're a clever chap Mark Crocker.

It was like meeting my old friends again, seeing the beautiful photographs of all those tea cosy guardians from Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

As soon as I walked in the door of the gallery.... well look at me... adjusting, preening, fluffing up those cosies.

The people of Ballina and surrounds.

The Mayor of Ballina, David Wright.
Turns out he is a bit of a fan of tea cosies!!!
The official business - welcome to country, introductions, and a little bit of talking.
And then there was the two day workshop - a small group of four fabulous women. 

As I always say, all the best people were there.

Zeez eez what they made.

And zeez is it how it made them smile.

Christine and Alice Fay and Alex Gay and Kim
Thank you for playing tea cosy so nicely with me over the weekend in Ballina.

And thank you to Christine Jones (yes that great girl above left) for the homage to tea cosy nonsense right outside the gallery.  There is Miss Daffy Dill and Tammy Shanter reincarnated as knit graffiti!!!


lynne h said…
smiling, loani...

Sue Brown said…
Great pattern in Molly Makes magazine here in Blighty, really looking forward to trying it out.
azlu said…
Great ambiance. Congrats!
Tita CarrĂ© said…
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Wow ! Very nice,,,Thanks for sharing..

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