Wonderful Workshop Women - TWO events

Two weeks ago this mob of Tea Cosy Nutters came to visit in the hills of Noosa for two days.

You were from Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cowra and other unpronounceable Victorian and NSW country towns.

You buoyed me until the next mob arrived.

Yesterday this mob of Tea Cosy Nutters took their smiles home with them and left me with mine hurting my face.

You were from Melbourne, The Blue Mountains, Brisbane, Toowoomba and Nambour.

Time out for lunch on the verandah yesterday.

I love this photo.

Perhaps it is that cheesy smile.

Or the pretty tea cosy.

Of course wearing a Triumph Motorcycles T shirt while wearing that cheesy smile and holding a pretty tea cosy wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Hey Kim from Logan City

And well...

I think these two had just shared a risque joke!

Hey Susanne and Barbara from Toowoomba

The next two workshops are in August and September.  Places still available - just.


Anonymous said…
Hi Loani,
I see you are wearing glasses by now ... welcome to the club!

All the best for you and Julian!
(from Germany)
Anonymous said…
One can always tell when it is a risque joke by that very particular laughter!

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