Knittng on Lord Howe Island

Who'd a thunk !

A workshopping holiday on
Lord Howe Island!

Two days of knitting at the fabulous Greenback Restaurant

Thank you Glenys (middle back) for hosting the Lord Howe Island Tea Cosy workshop.  And what a host!  Homemade cakes, biscuits and pumpkin soup.  The best welcome and stay.

Above:  Those Magnificent Tea Cosies!

And introducing the Wonderful Workshop Women

Jennifer from Sydney,  Glenys - the Hostess with the Mostess, Cheryl from Canberra

Lee from Adelaide, Lynda from Wales but now living on Lord Howe Is, Elva from Melbourne

What a fab bunch of Tea Cosy Nutters you are, you are, what a fab bunch of Tea Cosy Nutters you are!

And to prove One was there!!!!   Performing "The Hills are Alive".


Alex Daw said…
I like the last photo the best!
Carolina said…
Lovely, a photo of you too!
Frances said…
Congratulations on the upcoming book hope that we will see it over here in the States.

The Lord Howe tea cosy gathering looks like so much fun. Happy folks, jolly cosies, and delicious food...perfect weather, too.

Best wishes.
little hat said…
Hello from Malta. Is there aq tea cosy tradition here. More than likely since the Brits were here for such a long time.
They only left in 1979.

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