Posh Jacket

YES ! One spent the summer knitting a heavy fair isle woolen jacket.  But of course it was a very smart thing to do 'cos now it is ready for winter !  Ha !

This is the cover pattern for Vogue Knitting magazine about two issues ago.

What a dream to just knit to pattern.

One DID forget that One is taller than everyone else in the entire world and ought to have accommodated that fact in the length of the jacket.  A couple of extra inches wouldn't have hurt.

It hangs beautifully don't you think.

And it's not too bad from the back either.

Job done.
Bring on the cold weather.


Christine said…
That looks lovely!
martha bilski said…
One is most excellent .
kimbamel said…
bystromila said…
So beautiful!
Anonymous said…
lovely! I like the length. Paula
Rosie said…
Simply love your tea cozies! I don't knit, but I have a sewn tea cozy for my teapot. Sunday afternoon is my day with my Mom who is in Care Home, and I pick her up and we enjoy a coup of tea and a little dessert, usually coconut cream pie, her favorite!
Anonymous said…
Stunning! You must be really chuffed*.
* Brit** slang for pleased.
** Slang for British.
Keep on knitting - Clara
Helle Rasmussen said…
Mabye at very late comment, but i fell in love in this design instantly, and have made it as well. Yours is very nice.

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