Melbourne Tea Cosy Love In

First there was this...

a two day workshop at Opendrawer
in Camberwell on Monday and Tuesday.

You funny mob you.  I thought I had done you in as you dragged yourselves out the door on the last day of the workshop, shoulders bent, weary, drained of the will to live.  I thought, damn, I've done it now. Those women will never knit again.

BUT five of you bounced into the Craft and Quilt Fair two days later with your hearts bursting with tea cosy love, with smile muscles working again, to show your finished tea cosies, to introduce your friends and family, to restore my teacherly vim.

And then there was this.....

Wednesday, high tea at the lovely home of NotJustNat

Thank you thank you for having me at your place Nat. 

What a warm welcome to your home.
What a treat to meet your friends.
What a treat to see all your artful craft.

What a SPREAD!  Champagne.  Cucumber sandwiches.  Scones.  Cake.  Chocolate dipped strawberries.

Everything just so.  Perfect.

And then there was

The Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair.

Now that was truly a tea cosy love in.

Look at you! 

Thank you everyone who brought their cosies for show and tell.
Thank you everyone who just said hello.
Thank you to the lovely women who volunteered their time so I could eat (and wee)
Thank you to the strangers who recognised the mid afternoon flagging and supplied coffee and biscuits.

Canberra next.  Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair next week!!!


Nini and Wink said…
Thank you for traipsing all the way south to be with us in Melbourne Loani, it was truly a pleasure to meet you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Loani, for your patience in class and your friendly enthusiasm.
kimbamel said…
Thanks Loani, your workshop was lots of fun! So exciting to learn lots of new techniques.
Suzy Byrnes said…
fabulous tea cosies ladies, love them! thanks for sharing Loani.

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