The number of years One has taught at Sturt Winter School, Mittagong, Southern Highlands, NSW.


The number of times sisters Heather and Barbara have come to the Wild Knitting Class - double trouble for double knitting!  Thank you for coming again.  You can come again any time!


The number of times we pulled out and started again, the number of cleaver peaks, and well... nowhere near the number of laughs we had on the way.  Marilyn, you are a treat.

Introducing "Jester Cupper Tea "


The number we were until one absconded to WOODWORK before we'd even begun! You can't win 'em all.

The number of ideas there are in the world to surprise and delight.

Jo - quietly quietly you beavered away with the odd consult ... and then there was ....

"Loose Leaf Tree" !!!

The number of things we learned

* The Holy Cast On (because it is heavenly!)
* Knitting in the Round with the Magic Loop
* Continental Knitting
* The Long Tail cast on
* Kitchener cast off
* Fair Isle
* Sculptural Knitting
* Double Knitting
* "Reading" you knitting

Alex with her beautiful"Secret Garden"
Thanks Alex for the Cab(ernet) Sauv(ignon)  conversion.  Enjoy your new (old) lead light. And thank you for all the tea cosies :-)

The number of things One learned - which is that there is still so much to learn - but One knew that already - though a little reminding is in order every now and then.

The lovely Judy with her "Serendipity".  And another thing One learned - spiral cable from Judy.  Mind bending!  Oh and that is her pill box hat wot everyone made on the first day as a way of discovering the technical tricks listed above.

NEVER in never say never.  Sandra held steadfast in her mathematical calculations until an hour before the end on the last day when she spied that flaming yarn!

"Exuberance" was born!

As in "No Eggs Today" It was wool off a duck's back for the recycling Cas who ignored the synthetic polyfil bag and collected all our little scraps to stuff that bird.  AND she turned her pill box hat into a beautiful baby's bonnet.

I DO love Sturt Winter School.


Richard Rose said…
Sounds like you had fun. Maybe I should join you sometime. I quite like making tea cosies although mine are usually crocheted.
little hat said…
Loose leaf tree - a Tea tree - Love it.
lynne h said…
the holy cast on... i do love that. : )

Alex Daw said…
Oh it's so hard to pick a favourite...they are all so very beautiful those cosies. I just love them. What a talented bunch of knitters you encountered luvvie. Well done indeed I say. Five years??? Can't believe it.
Kaz said…
ONE - who didn't know you DID the Winter School at Mittagong...DOH!!! Or this one would so absolutely have been there... And so if you make it SIX there, I'd like to know - is there a mailing list you can put me on, please?
They are so beautiful and cute..i love the "Loose Leaf Tree" !!!
eremophila said…
Visiting this site never fails to cheer me up! Thank you!

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