Portraits of a Tea Cosy

Portraits of a Tea Cosy

... is up and running.

Hoorah!  Hooray!

Who'd a thunk?  A germ of an idea, perhaps even a gem of an idea, formed FIVE years ago.

A gallery director took us on TWO years ago.

And on Friday night - a Grand Opening at the Warwick Art Gallery, Warwick, Queensland.

Knitted Objets d'Art by MOI.

Photographic portraits by
Mark Crocker.

Audio stories by the Tea Cosy Guardians.

Knitmation - YES - a knitmation by Moi and that funny Bob Blasdall from thePostWorks.

What is a Knitmation?
Watch this space.

Sound editing by Colin Alley.
Some of the Tea Cosy Guardians - who had their portraits taken and told their stories - and came to celebrate on Friday night.

Thank you, you happy lovely people for sharing the times and people you have loved.
Partying, and looking, and sitting.

Thank goodness for fabulous friends who come from miles away to play.

Alex, Bob and Sal.
(yes all my friends are short arses)

 And thank goodness for The Bloke - moy bestest fwend in the world.


All is well with the world.


pinkviolets said…
Just absolutely wonderful xx
Kaz said…
Sue Brown said…
Germs or gems, fantastic!
pigsmightfly said…
Noice one. Onya Loani :-)
Stafford Ray said…
What you create is indeed art and deserves its place in galleries anywhere in the world!
Nini and Wink said…
Melbourne? Fellow Southern Followers would agree that's an exhibition we'd love to see...
lynne h said…
loani, this is so cool!! how gorgeous they are!! i agree with stafford ray - they deserve a place in *any* gallery!!

smiling... : )

Anonymous said…
oh, how much i would like to see it!
Monika (from Germany)
little hat said…
Loani and Mark,
so sad to have missed the opening. IT LOOKS FABULOUS. What a great turnout. Even Ian Ward ventured beyond the Great Divide, something he hasn't done since I led him down a goat track on our way back from Stanthorpe 15 years ago. Well done. yippee.

See you in three weeks and we can then make our personal pilgrimage to the shrine.

Love to you all.
PS the lady spooling yarn at LOOP in Islington says hello. She has two of your books. Amy at NEST in Crouch end didn't send a message because I wasn't there to promp her. I'm sure she would have.

Steve and Andrea
Don Urban said…
Looks wonderful all together like that. Well done!
Christin said…
This is gorgeous!

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