Wonderful Workshop Women

Damn!  I love this moment in the two days playing tea cosy with you.

The moment when the fruits of your labours blossom into fully fledged Nutty Knitted Tea Cosies, the moment when you relax into great big joyous smiles.

Photo:  Mother and daughter, Lorraine and Nadine.

The minute mother-to-be, Tanya, took comfort in the lounge chair, Wes The Opportunist took comfort in her lap.

We were very serious about our work in the tree tops.
Yes we were.

Bronwyn, Anne, Lesley and Maree - proud Tea Cosy Guardians.

And last minute cancellations mean favourite sisters can come.  Hey Rhonda - Terrific Assistant Teacher you.  Ta muchly for all.

I don't know about you lot, but I had a fabulous two days.

Thank you all for playing tea cosy so nicely with me.


Chrysalis said…
So glad you had such a fun time! I love days like that. Wish I lived nearer - at least I have your books for inspiration and to make me smile! xx
Alex Daw said…
Everyone looks so happy. And look at beautiful Rhonda. Give her a hug from me.xxxx

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