Doonan Darlings

They came

They knitted

They went

Six Sassy Sisters sat stitching for two days.

Yep, that's them...
Karen May
Joyce Su-lin
Jane Francis
Krystle Simone
Sandy Sue
Glenda Mary

Thank you for playing tea cosy so nicely with me in the hills of Doonan.

We learned.....

Slip knots
Long Tail cast ons
Knitting in the round with one set of circular needles
Knitting in the round with two sets of circular needles
Continental knitting
Fair Isle knitting
Picot hem
Kitchener Cast off

AND we....

Practiced our 8 times table.

There are a lot of smiles captured from last workshop and this.

What a treat you are - Wonderful Workshop Women.

Please do come again.


Alex Daw said…
Just beautiful....very inspiring. I almost vacuumed up my tea cosy by mistake today. Serves me right for doing housekeeping instead of knitting.
wow how cute is that, I´m absoutely trilled.
I´d just ordered one of your books ☺
Phyllis Wolff said…
..... cosies for coffee pots ? cafetiere? egg cosies?

... just wondered if you thought of that?

... best wishes - Phyllis

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