Far Too Long

Tis FAR too long between posts.

One blames Facebook.  Yes yes.  One has blamed Facebook before.  Important to have Facebook though - to have something to blame.

Tammy Shanter in these glorious colours, came off the needles a couple of days ago.

He'll travel as part of the Portraits of a Tea Cosy exhibition (take a look on the website if you haven't already)

And here he is top down.

one improved on the pattern in the book - yes that book - HTCCTW.  No don't ask me how.

One did not WIN the Diagram Oddest Book Title of the Year Award.   One came second - worth only a little mention here somewhere lost in a post - not worth a post all of its own.

Oh and here is One's Red Cardie.

Very 60s don't you think?

It is the Stella pattern by Jenn Jarvis made from Cascade 220 to be found on Ravelry.  Too lazy for a link. Pop over and find it yourself!

Might even make it again.

Yes yes that is a penis gourd hanging there on the mirror.  The Bloke's penis gourd - along with his other manly thing - his Aussie Rules scarf.


lynne h said…
so happy to see you, loani! are you getting younger? it looks that way.

i do love this cardie...

linny said…
You're not going to believe this but we have a penis gourd hanging on our mirror as well(doesn't everybody). Love your cardi.
little hat said…
"Far too long" penis gourd unintended pun?
little hat said…
Those trick mirrors can do amazing things.

Bragger. My penis gourd is an elongated thimble.

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