Things One Learnt this Christmas

And it ain't even Christmas yet.
  • One ought to check the age of the glucose syrup for fungus before One starts cooking
  • Plastic spatulas melt in boiling toffee
  • If the recipe says 'baking tray', One ought to use a baking tray and not a square cake tin 
  • Third time really is lucky
Things One still has to find out
  • If thick praline can be sharded as well as thin praline.
 Things One knows for sure.
  • The sponge cake for the trifle is DELICIOUS (if a little blurry) (No One has not yet begun tippling, yet.)

Eat.  Drink.  Be merry.  Stay safe and don't forget the Queens Speech.


Anny said…
A meery Christmas fot you from a cold en wet Holland. Anny.
Call design said…
Merry Christmas!
little hat said…
Happy ex-mus to youse too two. What did I learn?
1. Lucky dip xmas presents can go terribly wrong.
2. Giving advice to too many people about presents can result in receiving multiple copies of popular books.
3. Some of my friends don't know much about the qualities of plastic.
4. People like hand made gifts.
5. "Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything"
Anonymous said…
Hi to Australia,

now that x-mas is over (and it added some kilos to my ... , as in every year): all my best wishes for you and your familiy for 2013! I still love to remember our meeting on Noosa beach!

Monika (from Germany)

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