Warwick Wonder Women

One has been playing Tea Cosy at the Jumpers and Jazz Festival in Warwick for 2 days.

Zeeez  eeez wot the Warwick Wonder Women created.

A Cuddle of Cosies!

WWW (Warwick Wonder Woman) Kellie
WWW  Pearl
WWW  Wendy
WWW  Mary

We learned....
*  Long Tail Cast On
*  Knitting in the round with the Magic Loop
*  and with 2 sets of circular needles
WWW  Jeannette
WWW  Joyce
WWW  Robin

We also learned....
*  how to divide by 8 and by 4
*  that chocolate helps division
*  how to make the fancy loop stitch
*  that less is more
WWW  Mignon
WWW  Kate
WWW  Gwyneth

There was a bit of....
*  continental knitting
*  Fair Isle
*  that the QoftheTC likes to rap at any chance
*  that more is more

Job done.

Thank you Warwick Wonder Women.

What a great bunch of Tea Cosy Guardians you are, you are, what a great bunch of Tea Cosy Guardians you are.


Notjustnat said…
These are so cute. You are so cute too with the sleeping cat...
Richard Rose said…
Love all the tea cosies but I prefer mine crocheted.
Chrisy said…
Good grief they're growing in now...they're taking over the world...aaaaahhhhhhh
Val B said…
Are the patterns for these tea cosies available for free?
Val there are free patterns over at my website. www.grandpurlbaa.com

Have a look there.

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