Beatrice - for Princess Beatrice

Introducing Beatrice

For Princess Beatrice

She has not yet had an outing on this blog.  She can of course be found in How Tea Cosies Changed the World

Beatrice the Tea Cosy is inspired by That Hat - the Princess's Royal Wedding Hat.

Chuckle Chuckle.

Gees Oi make moiself larf!


sister outlaws said…
It's a lovely tea cosy -and a ridiculous hat!
Heather L. said…
oh my goodness!!!!! that is too funny! I don't understand who helped Princess Beatrice with her hat selection but the mimic tea cozy is the best ever!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!
pigsmightfly said…
Whoever dressed (or hatted) Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice should have been shot
Notjustnat said…
Really cool. I dear you to knit one with bow now hehe!
elsie said…
I love that you cozie was only subtly inspired by the hat - she would have looked cuter wearing your cozy on her head!!
maureenm said…
Love, love, LOVE your magnificent tea cozies! And this one made me larf too... Thanks for the reminder of the most ridiculous hat ever - did she think she would upstage the bride or just needed attention, even if it be derisive laughter.
Cheers from Canada,

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