11 Wonderful Workshop Women Wow One

Eleven Wonderful Workshop Women came to play tea cosy with One at the Sturt Winter School in Mittagong last week.

LOOK at what was unleashed!

Frightening - the things lurking in the woolly minds of knutty knitty women.

Lizzy and Maggie

We learned...

*  Long tail cast on
*  Knitting in the round on two sets of circular needles
*  No holes cast on
*  Continental knitting
*  Fair Isle
*  Loop stitches

Introducing sisters
Heather and Barbara

 We also learned...

*  about things not turning out how we imagined
*  Patience
*  that Singing helps
*  the benefits of standing up and twirling now and then

Sue and Leanne

... and a thing or two more about....

*  Short rows
*  Hiding wraps
*  How many times 8 goes into 72

Introducing Best Friends
Kate and Belinda


Janet, Jennifer and Ann

Ah!  Job done.

Thank you all for a great week.
Every moment was a joy.

Happy knitting.

And don't forget YouTube for all your knitty questions.


LadyBryn said…
Likewise, thank you for a great week! It never ceases to amaze me what can be learned from this time-honoured craft, the people you meet and the journey you take.

sister outlaws said…
Brilliant! You gals rock! So much colour and fun!!!
Connie said…
More inspiration! Looks like so much fun! :)
lynne h said…
the queen has a youtube channel now?!

these do look like ones that One would like to hang out with...

Hahnsmum. said…
This particular group have turned out some Beauties..Well Done Lady.. LOVE the colours.. Best Wishes..
chmurka said…
All are great , but I love the cactoo the most
pigsmightfly said…
Noice one ladies
The Duck Herder said…

Chrisy said…
What a happy creative group of girls you had there! Much laughter I'm sure....
Anonymous said…
Fabulous cozies! They're all so cute, I can't decide which I love most. You talented ladies have given me inspiration - thank you!!
Kim in Canada
decorartuk said…
Love your jumper, Loani.
Alex said…
Love the jumper - any hints on its origin?
Oh One I love what was unleashed at Mittagong!!! Now you are inspiring me to get some needles out and knit...Nice jumper too! Have a fab weekend xo
Stafford Ray said…
I was really worried that 'One' had abandoned the tea cosy! But lo, there in the pattern were tea pots! Phew!

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