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Warwick Wonder Women

One has been playing Tea Cosy at the Jumpers and Jazz Festival in Warwick for 2 days.

Zeeez  eeez wot the Warwick Wonder Women created.

A Cuddle of Cosies!

WWW (Warwick Wonder Woman) Kellie
WWW  Pearl
WWW  Wendy
WWW  Mary

We learned....
*  Long Tail Cast On
*  Knitting in the round with the Magic Loop
*  and with 2 sets of circular needles
WWW  Jeannette
WWW  Joyce
WWW  Robin

We also learned....
*  how to divide by 8 and by 4
*  that chocolate helps division
*  how to make the fancy loop stitch
*  that less is more
WWW  Mignon
WWW  Kate
WWW  Gwyneth

There was a bit of....
*  continental knitting
*  Fair Isle
*  that the QoftheTC likes to rap at any chance
*  that more is more

Job done.

Thank you Warwick Wonder Women.

What a great bunch of Tea Cosy Guardians you are, you are, what a great bunch of Tea Cosy Guardians you are.

Jacqui's Double Knit Strata Scarf

Some months ago One posted about a scarf - a scarf with possibly ill chosen colours - colours that reminded One of school days.
But a friend of One spotted the scarf and put dibs on it insisting she loved red and grey together.
One did not respond to said friend with any hint that she might indeed now be thought of with every stitch henceforth. 
It is time for the big reveal...

Jacqui's Double Knit Strata Scarf

Pre-Jacquazoic Period A time before Jacqui when tea and hearts ruled the world.

Jacquambrian Period When a chook lover put dibs on a scarf and confused a knitter
Jacquastrophic Event When grey wool became extinct

Beatrice - for Princess Beatrice

Introducing Beatrice
For Princess Beatrice
She has not yet had an outing on this blog.  She can of course be found in How Tea Cosies Changed the World

Beatrice the Tea Cosy is inspired by That Hat - the Princess's Royal Wedding Hat.

Chuckle Chuckle.

Gees Oi make moiself larf!

11 Wonderful Workshop Women Wow One

Eleven Wonderful Workshop Women came to play tea cosy with One at the Sturt Winter School in Mittagong last week.

LOOK at what was unleashed!

Frightening - the things lurking in the woolly minds of knutty knitty women.

Introducing  Lizzy and Maggie
We learned...

*  Long tail cast on
*  Knitting in the round on two sets of circular needles
*  No holes cast on
*  Continental knitting
*  Fair Isle
*  Loop stitches

Introducing sisters Heather and Barbara

 We also learned...

*  about things not turning out how we imagined
*  Patience
*  that Singing helps
*  the benefits of standing up and twirling now and then

Introducing  Sue and Leanne
... and a thing or two more about....

*  Short rows
*  Hiding wraps
*  How many times 8 goes into 72

Introducing Best Friends Kate and Belinda

Janet, Jennifer and Ann

Ah!  Job done.

Thank you all for a great week.
Every moment was a joy.

Happy knitting.

And don't forget YouTube for all your knitty questions.