Cane Chairs, Screen Sirens and other Motley Stuff

One's mother's name was Connie, named after Constance Bennet, a Hollywood screen siren (possibly One's own concoction - that Mother was named after an actress, not that her name was Connie, or that Constance Bennet was a screen siren).

She (One's mother, not the cat's) changed her name to Kate, after her own mother Kate, on retiring from a life of full time work and taking herself off to art college at 60. The screen siren thing must have palled by then.

Kate professed to hate cats but then she wasn't around long enough to meet Wes The Cat.  They would have had each others' measure those two, Kate and Wes (otherwise known as Storm Kitty and Angry Cat - Wes that is, not Kate).

When One was only 8 years in the world, Kate moved herself and her three children from a one bedroom flat to a two bedroom house with a sleepout and a garden. 


And it was too.
Kate bought 4 cane chairs to go in her new home.

One inherited two cane chairs when Kate went off to the great tea party in the sky.

The cane chairs haven't always looked like this.  In fact they have only looked like this for about a week.  They have had many incarnations, these cane chairs, firstly necessitated by sitting for two long weeks out in the weather in Darwin in 1974 after Cyclone Tracey.  Two of the four were unrecoverable but these two go on being reinvented at One's whim.

It doesn't matter what way One looks at them, Mother's cane chairs speak tomes about her - and One - and the fabric of our lives.

Lynne Tanner of SOCIAL FABRIC designed and printed this bespoke fabric for One's Cane Chairs.

Thank you Lynne. And thank you Matt too, for rejuvenating One's Cane Chairs with such love and joy.


Alex Daw said…
They look fantastic! And what a great story. You are a born storyteller so you are.. so sorry that I can't see them this weekend but very excited about seeing them soon. And what on earth does Loogshoory mean? I've never heard of it....
Alex, Loogshoory!

As in
"oi lived in shoe box in middle et road"

Or something.


Get it ? Get it?
Jan Sologinkin said…
Wonderful, these chairs seem to last forever and they are comphy from what I remember!
pinkviolets said…
That are just gorgeous.
What is it about cane chairs that always makes them look at home with foliage . . . . and cats? Of course Wes the cat just thinks he's got 2 new beds to choose from . . . "Aye, lass, sheer bluddy loogshoory!" (Hmmm, does Wes come from Yorkshire?)
Donna said…
That is a lovely story. Having just recently lost my dear Aunt to Cancer (hideous disease!) I am very sentimental about things that belong to people we love. (I inherited her beautiful Crystal dresser set - one I have admired and loved since I was a little girl!) I am sure your Mum is raising a cup of tea in honour of the new look chairs! Cheers Donna
(I don't mind a Loogshoory either!)
Baa-Me Kniits said…
I love the story and the chairs :-)
Hahnsmum said…
They truly are just gorgeous Loani... But then l always did like orange & bright colours.. l can now see you sitting on these, for hrs on end, whipping up wonderful ideas for more cosies... Best Wishes..
pigsmightfly said…
Ahh memories of lazy Summer days and verandahs with cane chairs and cane loungers strewn with overstuffed and oversized cushions for comfort :o)
Carolina said…
Notjustnat said…
I love the story of one's cane chair. It took me to Dawin, and tropical Queensland. A good story 'one'...!
Jacqui said…
They look fabulous. I have cane chair envy. Not something you get everyday but not easy to be rid off. I've watched two cane chairs sitting in the rain for about a month and maybe I'll rescue them after all. Maybe they need Wonder Woman fabric to make them fabulous. Hmm....
Jane Broadbent said…
The cane chairs look really good rafted up together like that on the veranda, items like that always stand out stronger when there are more than one and the fabric is stunning.Beautiful job.
elsie said…
'WOW! those chairs are spectabular!

just wanted to let you know - I'm blogging again.. :0
jwami said…
Stunning design in cane, and the fabric and colours of the current incarnation are sooooo perfect. Good on yer for saving them from the cyclone.
Robyn said…
Lurve!! the chairs. They look fantastic.. well done
Unknown said…
Ohh what grand cane chair you have inherited... I can see why you love them let alone the story of life in them... Beautiful... <3

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