What does One do when One is not knitting?

Well One crochets of course.
Little grannie squares.

One has been to Hobart and Melbourne this last week, playing with fellow Tea Cosy Guardians and Would-Be Tea Cosy Guardians.

And very noice too it was.

Photos to come but today is crochet day.

Crochet day... and...

... and...

Little Tea Cosy with a Big Agenda Day.

One has made the
Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosy Mini Me.

... just for fun loike.

Free Pattern HERE.


pigsmightfly said…
I loike this. Noice one :o)
Alex Daw said…
So very sweet. I can't wait to make one of these...I have the perfect pot.
Mihaela Nica said…
sono una vera delizia le tue thèiere !!!
un caloroso abbraccio ,
Hahnsmum. said…
Ah Haaahh Like this one...Very nice.. Best Wishes..
jwami said…
This little teapot
must've once been a little green piglot
whose tail turned handle
and snout turned spout.
How he became green
I cannot even dream
but he's the perfect pot
for the biggest morning tea

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