It is the month of after all and One is the....

One gave the Joyful Women of the Cooroy Patches Biggest Morning Tea Group on the Sunshine Coast the job of knitting up seven Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosies.

One bloody well near cried.

LOOK at these exuberant tea cosies!

And LOOK at these exuberant women showing them off.

Next Tuesday 22 May

at 9.30 am 

come to the Cooroy CWA hall ...

for tea and cake and for parting with your money for the Queensland Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea.

There will be a bloody good feed and One will talk and tell the odd joke and do the Knit Rap.

And if your donation is the largest you can take one of these magnificent Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosies home with you.

There are 7 cosies.  You will have 7 chances to give the biggest donation.

And of course as you will be playing with the Cooroy PATCHES group, there will be patchworky things for you to buy, win and generally covert as well.


chmurka said…
Great photos , and great cosies of course :)
Alex Daw said…
Fabulous stuff....all the best for next Tuesday ... I will be thinking of you!
little hat said…
There's a woman wearing a tea cosy on her head. Check her jeans.
pigsmightfly said…
Ab Fab Tea Cosies!
Maree: said…
The Cooroy Ladies have done a Fabulous Job..Have a Great Day.
millefeuilles said…
This almost brought a tear to my regal eye! ;-)

Nice work ladies.

Dionne White said…
Loani, you mad bugger. Loving the new designs. Will be stocking How Tea Cosies Changed the World. Hopefully we will see you in the Highlands soon. Cheers Dionne, Victoria House Needlecraft

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