Kim - a Tea Cosy Guardian

I met Kim in Melbourne last week.  She is a Tea Cosy Guardian and came to share her story.

.... no not about Roger but about another cosy all together.  But you'll have to wait to see and hear about that one......

But LOOK ! at Roger Rampant.

Isn't he stupendous!
I do love him.

and her blog is definitely worth a good long look at.   It is filled with beautiful beautiful classic knitting, and some family stuff too.

Noice.  Real noice.


sister outlaws said…
Sensational! I love it too!
awesome, love that kooky head
AgueroSandra said…
Hola me encanto tu blog quede fascinada, el colorido y divertido trabajo que haces me encanto y ya te sigo besos Sandra.
tea cozy said…
That kooky head is awesome!

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