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HOME and knitting pretty things

HOME! Yay!

I do LERVE travelling but one of the best things about travelling is coming HOME!  Yay!

Well that is most of the booky events over me thinks.  One or two to go.

See you at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair in June.

In July there are workshops and Portraits gathering in

Hervey Bay

Ah it is a very knitty loife.

And now I have a little bit of room to play with pretty things.

The same but different.
Old but new.

HOME!  Yay!

Kim - a Tea Cosy Guardian

I met Kim in Melbourne last week.  She is a Tea Cosy Guardian and came to share her story.

.... no not about Roger but about another cosy all together.  But you'll have to wait to see and hear about that one......

But LOOK ! at Roger Rampant.

Isn't he stupendous!
I do love him.

and her blog is definitely worth a good long look at.   It is filled with beautiful beautiful classic knitting, and some family stuff too.

Noice.  Real noice.

Sydney, Exeter and Mittagong this week.

The Bloke's mum gave him this tea cosy when he left home 45 years ago.

He has never been washed.  He's been burnt on the stove and some woman or other tried to strangle him with red wool.  The Koala that is.

The tea cosy is one of the very few things The Bloke has belonging to his mum, now long gone to the great tea party in the sky, his mum that is.

The Bloke often says things his mum used to say like...

Hands up who wants a cuppa tea hands down too late

What's for dinner tonight bread and duck under the table
and then he says...
my mum used to say that.

Come to Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW this Thursday.  It is very close to Sydney.

Bring your tea cosy and tell your story.

Book (essential) in your portrait sitting at the 
Sturt Gallery 
Thursday 24th May
from 2.00 pm 
Ph:  Mark Viner  (02) 4860 2080

What is is all about?  One hears you ask.

Fiona and Heidi - Brisbane

come and meet Woody (et MOI) at 
3 book events.
Or at 1 book event.

at Avalon…

It is the month of after all and One is the....

One gave the Joyful Women of the Cooroy Patches Biggest Morning Tea Group on the Sunshine Coast the job of knitting up seven Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosies.

One bloody well near cried.

LOOK at these exuberant tea cosies!

And LOOK at these exuberant women showing them off.

Next Tuesday 22 May

at 9.30 am 

come to the Cooroy CWA hall ...

for tea and cake and for parting with your money for the Queensland Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea.

There will be a bloody good feed and One will talk and tell the odd joke and do the Knit Rap.

And if your donation is the largest you can take one of these magnificent Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosies home with you.

There are 7 cosies.  You will have 7 chances to give the biggest donation.

And of course as you will be playing with the Cooroy PATCHES group, there will be patchworky things for you to buy, win and generally covert as well.

What does One do when One is not knitting?

Well One crochets of course.
Little grannie squares.

One has been to Hobart and Melbourne this last week, playing with fellow Tea Cosy Guardians and Would-Be Tea Cosy Guardians.

And very noice too it was.

Photos to come but today is crochet day.

Crochet day... and...

... and...

Little Tea Cosy with a Big Agenda Day.

One has made the
Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosy Mini Me.

... just for fun loike.

Free Pattern HERE.

Where am I?

Nantes, Brittany, France?!
Where's Nantes, Brittany, France?!

Home today.
Sleep tomorrow

at Mary Ryans 40 Park Road, Milton
Phone   07  3510 5000
Start  6.15 pm

This is you in 2010 at Mary Ryans

and at...
Riverbend Books, Bulimba, Brisbane 2010

and at...
Black Cat Books, Paddington, Brisbane 2010

and at....
Avid Reader, West End, Brisbane 2010

May 2012
come and play tea cosy with me again at

Mary Ryans
40 Park Road
Milton, Brisbane

ALL Book events here.

and at...
Avid Reader THIS year.


Tea cosies are funny.