For a Princess


For Princess Eugenie 
inspired by a Royal Wedding

Eugenie has now been outed in the Australian Women's Weekly (P.105) so One can show her off here.

AND of course she takes pride of place and is patterned in 


Chrisy said…
The Women's Weekly...oh darling you've really arrived! the cosie and the name...
grrl + dog said…
this is when I first discoverd you - in the grand old WOmen's Weekly.

That was when I picked up needles again as a grown up and thought YOUR pattern would be THE ONE to get me back into it again.

Well you know the rest of the story.. and now here she is again. Like the rosy posy's fairy godmother.
Janette said…
Oh pretty, pretty, pretty!

Will now have to purchase the AWW.


Hanging out to purchase the new book too.
Helen said…
I would devise a way to wear this!!!!
Hahnsmum. said…
Yes , bought the WW today.. Good spread Loani... You have them all knitting now & thats for sure.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..
Ich staune immer wieder, was mit Nadel und Faden für zauberhafte Dinge entstehen, danke....Liebe Grüße Jana
Yarny Days said…
This is so pretty! Love.

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