08 November 2011

Dan's Double Knit Aran New Yorker

Dan's Double Knit
Aran New Yorker

For Dan

In New York
 Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal
Aran wool and
Jo Sharp Silkroad DK and
Silkroad Aran Tweed
6mm needles

using traditional Fair Isle patterns
and busting the Aran stash


sister outlaws said...

Just beautiful!What gorgeous colour combinations.

Anonymous said...

Dear L the F
You are an amazing knitting freak-but a noice one!!

little hat said...


Monika said...

It's gorgeous!

pinkviolets said...

How clever you are

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Holey Moley that is awesome!!!
aren't you clever :-)

Anonymous said...

Really nice Loani.. l am so envious .. Never tried fairisle since l was a young wee thing ( which is many moons ago) So l may just have another go.. Thought of you the other day travelling thru Nundle on our way back from the Southn Coast..Bit of a detour to visit ones fave mill. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.. Bingara..
P.S..(( Cant get the silly Yahoo thingie to work.))

Steph-The Maddest Magpie in the Nest said...

Ye Gods Loani! That's an heirloom piece!! Dan must be amazingly special!

I have knitting-envy and inspiration :)))

Sue McG said...

Wow that's a work of art!!

Notjustnat said...

hoo la la, what great colour! Love it - Hugs Nat

Bonnie said...

Um, wow. Wow, wow, wow. That's gorgeous.

Planet Penny said...

Just arrived from 'Do you Mind if I Knit' to go WOW! at that amazing scarf! Just love those colours, beautiful. Nice to find your blog,

do you mind if i knit said...

FAB-U-LOUS! Just love the colours, the designs put together, a real stunner of a scarf Loani! Vanessa xxx

Lynn in Tucson said...

Good heavens. That's stupendous!