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Sunita's New Yorker

Sunita's New Yorker 
For Sunita 
in New York 

Double Knitting  made with Noro Silk Garden Lite 4 balls - 2 each of  different colourway

Reverse side Stocking stitch only

When you double knit, you create a front fabric  and back fabric at the same time.

In Sunita's scarf, the back is all in stocking stitch.
the edging is a simple crochet chain shell.

On the front, the squares are knitted in reverse stocking stitch,
and woven with contrasting coloured yarn and darning needle.

Knit Knit Happy Happy Joy Joy 
Double Knitting.

Not ALL about me.

I met Nat here in blogland by a most lucky accident of a mouse click.

Nat lives in Melbourne and came down to Geelong in September to see the results of Forum.  We met - in person for the first time.  Nat joked that we had been internet dating and this was our big reveal.  I liked what I saw.  She was much better than her photo.

Be sure to look at her blog.
Be sure to look at her ....

Japanese Textile Study Tour.

If I liked playing with fabric HALF as much as I like playing with wool, I'd be going with her like a shot.  Nat is one of those GOOD people, from the core, as well as being funny and clever and artistic.

Introducing the African Queen.

NO.  I did NOT design this splendiforous tea cosy.

But I am green with envy.  I wish I HAD designed her.  There just are not enough superlatives to describe her.  Just drink her up in all her glorious exuberance.

Ms Jenny of Capetown designed and made her for a for friend getting married here in Australia just down the road from me.  The Afri…

Touch me Tomato

The Tomato Song

The Bloke's Tomatoes

The Bloke's Tomato Bushes

The Bloke and his .....

Sprung has Spring

Dan's Double Knit Aran New Yorker

Dan's Double Knit
Aran New Yorker

For Dan
In New York
 Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal
Aran wool and
Jo Sharp Silkroad DK and
Silkroad Aran Tweed
6mm needles

using traditional Fair Isle patterns
and busting the Aran stash

Harvesting Tomatoes

Yeah yeah Ms Duck Herder.  It isn't the biggest tomato ... But it is The Bloke's very first and he is Extremely proud and chuffed.
Vine ripened.
As I am.
Love my paper daisies. and my Kangaroo Paw

and my Golden Penda