See One's Pretty Knitting

Tis FAR too long since One showed One's own knitting. 
See!  Look!  See!

Rowen Kidsilk Haze
3 mm needles 

Double Knitting
Grids in stocking stitch
Blocks in reverse stocking stitch

Note the positive/negative colour - Blue grid green block - Green grid blue block

One could already Double Knit
But One learned about clever reverse stocking stitch blocks in a coffee queue at Forum.
Thank you Nancy.
Hello Nancy's sister Barb.


Shell Sherree said…
A sign of one's deeply ingrained knitting savvy when one can pick up such things in a coffee queue. One is an immensely fine knitter.
Banaghaisge said…
That looks fabulous!!! I have recently been reading about two faced knitting. All you have done is make me want to do it even more. Hooray!!!!!!!!!
StephB said…
Ms One is such a super knitter and keeps on getting superer! This One is envious and inspired simultaneously, and even bought some luverly knitting books at Berry's 'Sew and Tell' to get started once This One finishes a pair of socks knitted from leftover knitting wool, which is lots of fun all by itself in front of the telly with Bathurst car races this weekend with a glass of beer and chip: knit one, sip one, crunch one - try not to get knitting greasy or beery.
grrl + dog said…
very lovely - so what's it gonna be??
Sweet Seahorse said…
I love it, and I love that yarn you are using.
My knitting skills are so close to beginner that what you are doing is light years out of my range!
xXx Helen
Ginga Squid said…
Oooh, One is so lovely and fluffy!
Monika said…
That looks amazing! DK with kid silk sounds like the devil to me, but what a wonderful result!
Carolina said…
I need to get back to double knitting, double quick! I love that you combined the wonderful technique of double knitting with Kidsilk! I'm glad you re-found my blog. Now I shall endeavor to put something new on it in the very near future.
Baa-Me Kniits said…
How scrummy is that Kidsilk! I have yet to tackle the double knitting but I just got my download PDF from Alasdair Post-Quinn....did you get yours?
Jejune said…
Oh, very very clever and very very tricky and very very pretty!!
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
It's so pretty, Oh, so pretty, It's so pretty and witty and bright! - sung to the tune of I Feel Pretty.

One is in awe of the Royal One's cleverness.
Notjustnat said…
So lovely, but I am lost in the pattern!
evie said…
That's beautiful knitting. Makes me want to rush out and buy some kidsilk and then try to figure out the pattern.
Anonymous said…
look at double

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