Pour l'amour du Fil - Nantes, Brittany, France

One is off to Nantes, Brittany, France.  One knows One has already spoken about going to Nantes, Brittany, France in a previous post - but One has now had a formal invitation and plans are being made.

The most important plan is the plan for a workshop.  Just a little short 3 hour workshop to be given at the Pour l'amour du Fil, twice.  One has only ever done 2 DAY and 5 DAY workshops so zeeez eeez zeee project One intends to teach in each of the 2 x 3 hour workshops in Nantes, Brittany, France.

Un Joli Petit Cadeau
A Pretty Little Present for those of you who don't speak French
C'est une rose broach in a rose broach gift bag.

In this tiny little packet one will learn
.  long tail cast on
.  double knitting
.  knitting in the round with the magic loop on one set of circular needles
.  weaving into knitted fabric
.  lace holes
.  sew and knit cast off
.  I cord
.  a clever rose

April 18 - 21st Pour l'Amour du Fil - For the Love of Thread - Nantes, Brittany, France
Where One will be exhibiting cosies from book 1, 2 and 3.


C'est tres, tres mignon - est chic aussi (comme toi!)
Notjustnat said…
May this one coming along too? This one loves Brittany!
Monika said…
Oh I wish I could be there just to learn how to make this little pouch! It's adorable, and wonderful, and I LOVE them! You are genius!
Are things like that going to be in your next book??? Other pretty things, not just tea cozies?
lynne h said…
my dear queen, these little bags are delightful. one's eyes become very happy while gazing upon them...

brittany! very happy to read this...

Magpie's Nest said…
Such pretty, pretty, pretty little packages. A delightful leetle project to be treasured; teeny little packages all tied up with yarn.

I can't wait to vicariously absorb it all with you!

Blog fulsomely. Post often. Share it all! And have such a luverly time lovey!!

You clever exponentially-more -delightful thing you!
Sheep Rustler said…
C'est tres jolie!!!
Anonymous said…
Lthe F
Fanbloodytastic mycherry.
Jejune said…
One is very very lucky!!!
Pearly Queen said…
But not until April?
martha brown said…
My daughter lived in Nantes for a year. She loved rowing past the castles on the river..... have fun!

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