Tea Cosy Guardians

Today One was wandering the web as One is wont to do on Wednesdays (yeah yeah it's Friday so what)

and One found a Tea Cosy Fest going on over HERE Ms Enchanted Hollow of Adelaide has asked her fellow bloggers to post about tea cosies and how they came to own theirs.

Well how about that - because
In 2012, photographer Mark Crocker and I will be travelling the country.

Mark giving photograph workshops.

Moi giving knitting workshops.

Then we will hang about the town we are in for a day or two to photograph Guardians of Tea Cosies and to record their stories.

In 2013, the Portraits of a Tea Cosy exhibition will tour country and city Australia.

Photographic Portraits.
Audio recordings of your stories.
New Queenly (Loani Prior) tea cosy creations.

Have a look at the PORTRAITS PROJECT 
and contact me if you would like to receive email information about it.

That feller up there?  That is The Bloke with the tea cosy his mother gave him when he left home 45 years ago.  That tea cosy has some stories to tell.

And there to the right?  Well you've seen them before.  They are twin tea cosies, Sleeveless in Seattle, born of a cardie knitted (by moi) with too long sleeves and too wide front and FAR too many colours.


Judith said…
Oh my goodness, I didn't realise that a tea cosy could be such a work of art. I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing more beautiful tea cosies. Thanks for dropping by today. Cheers, Judith
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Are you going to photograph us humble folks or just celebs? You could take a picture of my Calvin Cassowary if you are coming up near Cairns, great idea! :-)
grrl + dog said…
his is teac cosy anthopology.

There's got to be a PhD in that somewhere. What a wonderful collection of stories - do I hear the tiny footsteps of another book??

You'd be the one.
The Mad Magpie said…
Tea Cosy perambulations? There seems to be no limit to the Tea Cosy Renaissance instigated by Your Queenly Self. The ramifications are delightful!
Chrisy said…
Those photos are fabulous darling!
THAT was a cardi? Oh boy! Sounds like it will make a great exhibition.....or book???

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