Russian Australian Relations

Wayne wrote to One about two years ago asking if One would knit Sea Squirt from Wild Tea Cosies for a friend in Russia.

One said a Queenly 'no'.  BUT One did send Wayne off to Threads and More to see if one of their knitters might oblige for a fee.

One heard no more from Wayne until last week when One received these pictures.

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.... and this note.

Hi Loani
Just received the following from my friend in Europe:

"...and Loani Prior is a nice lady. (how did he know?!)  I guess I don't mind if she'll use photos, but I am sure many people tried her ideas on their heads - maybe they didn't tell her that they used as hats... but mine was cooler."
And then this came, from Veronica.

A relative of Pedro de la Pantaloon.  Not Veronica.  This magnificent woman.  Errr, chicken.  Not that Veronica is not a magnificent woman.  No doubt she is.  One doesn't know Veronica from a bar of soap.  Not that One knows any soap bars.  But if she can create such a chicken, she must be, at the very least, a little bit magnificent.

Thank you Veronica. You provided One with a wide warm smile.

Thank you Wayne.
Thank you Wayne's friend.  You provided One with a long, deep belly laugh.  Indeed you provided One with many long, deep belly laughs.

P.S.  One receives many photos of Tea Cosies from Tea Cosy Nuts.  All make One smile warmly in a 'thank goodness for Tea Cosy Nuts' sort of way and make One's day.  But some Tea Cosies are just bigger show offs than others and insist on taking a bow here.  What can One do? 

P.P.S  One DOES know ONE bar of soap, intimately, each morning. 

P.P.P.S  And yes Wayne's Friend - others HAVE tried One's ideas on their head!


little hat said…
Blokes and tea cosies. There's definitely a trend. And dogs!
Shell Sherree said…
All kinds of wonderful!
grrl + dog said…
Of course the beanie is the close cousin of the cosy..

and the two holes make perfect places to push ears through.

That man had the right idea.

Thanks for having Baxter grace your page...
Ms. Kimba said…
Ohhh I love it! Cosies on the head :)
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Only in Russia hey?? I do like Pedro's relation :-)
The Mad Magpie said…
Goodness Girl! What madness are you inciting??? LOVE it!
jwami said…
I love the Russian hat story. There is one fella who won't be invited back to my house for dinner, after walking off last time with one of my cosies on his head!!
Why is it only men who want to put them on their heads?

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