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More Longreach Tea Cosies


Here they are, the Tea Cosy Princesses of Longreach.

Princess Sue

Princess Lorraine

Princess Kay

Princess Karen

Princess Josie

Princess Julie

Princess Boo

Princess Carley

Hard at work.

Overseen by The Bloke's tea cosy.


One spent One's last day on a property just outside Longreach at the invitation and excellent hospitatlity of Carley.   'Tis Carly's property.  Carly and Nick's.  Carly wot did the workshop.  Nick wot didn't.

C'est One, standing there hiding One's fair queenly skin from the harsh outback sun...

24,000 acres
80,000 cattle

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6 chooks
3 dogs
3 guinea pigs
2 daughters
1 emu called Stan
1 guinea wallaby

and a flock of guinea fowl (to go with the guinea pigs and the guinea wallaby)

Yes yes.  One was there to play tea cosy with the Lovely Longreach Ladies.

Photos of Tea Cosy Princesses to come.

'Tis One and One's new best friend - Heather - Queen of Longreach, and the Queen of Organisation who took care of every little and big last thing.

'Tis us at the Soiree on the evening of the second day of the workshop where One told tea cosy stories but not until Helen (hiding behind the clock) - Queen of Bush Poetry - told some g…