Monday Monday

Oh Oi can't STAND it.

Oi'm not supposed to show you anything until next April....

But Oi can't wait.

Anyway Oi'm not REALLY showing you anything.

Just a peek.  A promise.  A taste.  A sip. 

DDay is next Monday.
So please.
Do not disterve me.

Knit Knit Knit
Write Write Write
Panic Panic Panic


Luvvie said…
OK - I won't disturve you - I shall tease you...I found you some very nice wee gifties in a 2nd hand shop at Bulimba yesterday.....tease...tease...for your birfday
Creative Design said…
You're such a tease!

And a seductive little peak it is indeedy!

BUT...are you crazy woman??? Get back on to your homework, gal!
Notjustnat said…
Love the colour and love the taste if
it's Japanese roast green tea - Happy knitting - Hugs Nat
lynne h said…
next april???!!! we can't wait that long!!!

The Duck Herder said…
yay! peekies!

Poor QotTC. SO much work. A looming DEADLINE. A BOOK to Knit!
But we are loving you from afar as we pour out tea for our festooned and atroumentised teacosies....

hang in there sweetie!
Stafford Ray said…
Are youse really knitting a book!?
Is it double sided knitting?
jwami said…
Oi, I didn't see a thing.
And the thing I didn't see would most certainly be a noice thing to see inna book, with mooore detail aboot wot it reelly looooks laik. And how to make it. Mmmm but I didn't see a thing.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Oi see nuffink!!! A very tantalising nuffink it is too.
grrl + dog said…
a sneak peek..

yes i did learn to wrap and turn - glad it sounds more scary than it is.. one day I WILL knit a sock.
mem said…
oooh - luscious and delicious : )
Did I tell you we are popping around for the weekend and demand to be entertained the whole time?
Carolina said…
You are such a tease. Looks lovely!

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