More Numbers

The number One.
 One knitted the sun up today.

OK so that isn't a number, but a royal pronoun but One may take liberties with the language as One wills. 

The number 5.
One has been knitting the sun up since returning from abroad.  There is no sleep beyond 5 am.  Only knitting.

One is variously delirious with the joy of knitting....

..... and FREAKING out!

Scary numbers.
12 designs down.

12 to go!

8 weeks till deadline!

Albert Einstein
"If at first, the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it."
Albert Enstien.

He MIGHT have been talking about tea cosy design!  Yes he might.

Enough Absurd Ideas
Add up the ideas, divide by the number of weeks, do the sign of the cross, genuflect genuflect and knit knit knit.

Back to it.


Monika said…
Hehe, sounds like fun ( and a little stress).
Strickbombe said…
it is an evil world, where one is submitted to forced knitting from dawn until dusk (and beyond). may the fourth be with you.
Notjustnat said…
Are you knitting in your sleep to meet the book dateline? Goody, can't wait!!! - Hugs Nat
Stafford Ray said…
You have not got time to read this comment, so I make none!
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
We think you can,
We think you can,
We think you can,

We KNOW you can.
Justjen said…
Oh you can do it, no worries you're astounding remember! What a fun year you're having.
Luvvie said…
And yet again I say, work is the curse of the knitting class
Jejune said…
Good luck meeting your deadline!! I'd be freaking out slightly too :D
jamey said…
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Jacqui and Mick said…
Ah I've been wondering where you were...knitting the dawn by the sounds of it! Good luck cosy Queen!! x

PS I have an 8 week deadline too. I'm to scared to divide the time with what I need to do. Would definitely freak out!
ritarenata said…
go go go,

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