Wes The Cat?

On the chair.

There is a great deal of knitting going on
Just none that One can show
For an age and an age
One hates that
So gratuitous cat photos will have to suffice.


Baa-Me Kniits said…
Wes looks so smoochy and hugable!! Can't wait to see the new knitting one day, keeping secrets is so hard! :-)
XeresFemia said…
"Wes the cat?"
"On the chair."

LOLz. Brilliant name.
Tired after playing with all the wool? I meant the cat, but you must be too.
bicocacolors said…
so funny!!
thanks a lot!!!
Luvvie said…
OMG - this verges on cat porn!!! You should have a warning....
Hahnsmum said…
What an actor !!! How many more sleeps to visit the Q ?? Cheers, Hahny pups Mum..
arkmetal said…
wow, wes is a cool hanger on like our workshop cat charlie (the boss). the arkmetal men are big animal lovers. they are so good to have around. When we have coffee in the workshop the boss always comes in for his milkies!
Jacqui and Mick said…
ah ninja kitty at his most innocent...you know the other photo of him sniffing your socks? HE KNOWS you are going and he's not going to be happy!!

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