The View from my Window

First pitcher Ford.

Earl's Court London
There is much to be said for being middle aged.
Affording comfort is one of them.

Feeling very comfortable.
Also feeling tres bon
Must be all those bon voyages!
Mercy Bowcoop.


Liz Steel said…
wonderful!!! Have a great time! I hope you have some good cups of tea out of cosied pots!
Ms. Kimba said…
Oh my god...I'm so jealous but I know that in only a few days I too will be there.

Seeing your picture has put a huge smile on my face. Enjoy yourself, don't work too hard! I'm excited to get my first Tea Cosie book!
Hahnsmum said…
SOooooohhhh JEALOUS...So jealous .. But hey, So pleased you have arrived safe & sound.. Sure you WILL have have a lovely time... We are off to Tassie in August-about as far as we can get to ''OVER the SEAS''... Stay safe , Best Wishes, Pam C from HOT New England, OZ..
Notjustnat said…
Have a wonderful time Queen. Would you have time to drop by and have a cuppa tea with her highness of London while you are there? Earl Court is where my favorite Oxfarm shop is - Hugs Nat
Ginga Squid said…
Nice digs there!
NessaKnits said…
Sell lots.
little hat said…
Hi loani. It hasn't rained since you left. What's the weather like there? It's jo's birthday tomorrow (Wednesday 16th). 49!!!
jwami said…
Fit for a queen :)
jwami said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chrisy said…
ohhhh go girl! can see you leaning on said balcony sipping your tea wearing your ray bans...enjoy dear girl!
planettreasures said…
Oh so jealous! I lived in that part of the world for a while and your post has made me all nostalgic.
Anyway you just have a fab time and come back with lots of stories!

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