One More Sleep

If you are coming to say hello at the Stitch and Craft Show at the Olympia in London.....

...for goodness sake, if you see One with lippy on one's teeth PLEASE tell One.

And if you are looking at One's profile One will assume you are in awe of the tea pot earings and not that honker.

Though One wouldn't be surprised if you WERE in awe of the shnoz.  It IS pretty damn fab.

The beanie came off the needles last night.  Yep.  Knitting doesn't stop just because there are lists to attend to.


Baa-Me Kniits said…
Have an Absolutely Fabulous time back in the 'old dart'..... love those ear rings :-)
mem said…
gorgeous earrings, gorgeous beanie, GORGEOUS smile!
NessaKnits said…
I am sure the other One will find it in her best interests to visit our One from Australia. Royal relations and all.
Ginga Squid said…
Love one's hat! And most jealous of one being at Olympia.
Ms. Kimba said…
Have a safe flight over and I promise to say if you have lippy on your teeth..See you there!
Strickbombe said…
me? jealous? not when i have my own lists to attend to... you and your earrings, nose and hat go and have yourselves a marvelous time.
knittydebby said…
Love that Hat. What is the name of the pattern? I would like one for myself. KnittyDebby
Stafford Ray said…
Sincere best wishes for a successful trip and we expect pitchers!
pinkviolets said…
Love Love Love the beanie, Loani
Justjen said…
Good luck, have fun, & hope you get invited to the big place for a cuppa!
Hahnsmum said…
Well l am just SO JEALOUS of the Queen of The Tea Cosies..Insanely Jealous.. But hey, have a lovely time...Love that beanie by the way !!! Safe Journey, God Speed Lady.. Luv.. P.C.. XXX
Hahnsmum said…
And yes Lady, as Ray said earlier-We expect PLENTY of pics..Heaps & heaps & heaps in fact.. XXX P.C..
Notjustnat said…
So does the tea go in one ear and out the other? Love the beanie. You would need it in London at this time. Have fun - Hugs Nat
Pamela Anne said…
Pretty damn fab Purlbaa.
Have fun.
wish I could be there.
Luvvie said…
Ooh luvvie...I'm very behind...just saw this....aren't you just so well....refined...that's it....just terribly...terribly....fabulous!!!
Rose said…
Obrigada pela visita ao meu Blog
Encantos Artesanatos.
A boina ficou linda!
Gostei tanto dos seus cobre bules, que em breve pretendo tecer um para enfeitar minha mesa.
Ótimo domingo para você!

Thank you for visiting my Blog
Sights charms.
The beret was beautiful!
I liked both of their copper pots, which will soon make one want to decorate my desk.
Good Sunday to you!
C / Affection
The Duck Herder said…
hee hee, I also am the owner of a strong proud shnoz! No point mucking about - if you want to smell stuff, its good the have the equipment, and they help to keep your sunnies on.

Travel safe, have a BALL!

Duckie xxxx
Jacqui and Mick said…
that beanie is EXACTLY the same colour and texture of the wool hanging off the chair opposite me that I bought to make a beanie! Sadly, it is still in it's wool state, not it's beanie state. It looks great!! Now, can you make mine please??
captain plaknit said…
i LOVE the beanie! the colour is stunning on you too : ) and tea pot earrings to boot - by golly!
grrl + dog said…
a perky beanie

to match a perky schnoz..

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