London Show and Dublin Shop

One got felt up at Heathrow - and not by some yummy Sean Connery type either - One got felt up by a young gel (spoken with a hard g remember), a young gel in uniform, a security uniform.

The metal detector went off.  One's shoes were the culprit which was tested and proved by going through the machine thingy again in One's hand knitted socks alone, the shoes checked for weapons of mass destruction in a separate detection thingy.

But apparently frisking is obligatory if bells and whistles are heard.

One objected loudly and swore profusely and threatened to write to the Queen (of England that is) but it all did little sept to entertain the great unwashed waiting in endless queues for their own random chance of humiliation.

The young gel with a hard g and a security uniform complained to her supervisor that One had sworn at her twice.  One immediately cut in with a "oh THAT's grand.  So One can't go to Ireland because One said FUCK.  Fabulous! "

Perhaps One should have said FECK instead but One hadn't even left Heathrow yet.

But thankfully One made it safely to Dublin to find these two beautiful women in This is Knit, Jacqui on the right and Dixie on the left.

It was exTREEMley easy to spend heaps of money thank you Gels with a hard g and withOUT a uniform.

Visiting a beautiful wool shop is a joyful adventure.

And then around the next corner was a tea and cake shop.

So one sat down for tea and cake.


One does love Dublin.
One does.


Sheep Rustler said…
At least you can make light of it! Lovely collection of teapots and yarn :)
Luvvie said…
I have sent you a feckin video which I hope you enjoy but for the benefit of others who may not be friends with me on facebook, here tis....please DO NOT WATCH if you are likely to be offended by potty language (even if it is in Irish)
Pamela Anne said…
Well My Majesty, Queen of the Tea Cosies, You will have to watch you Fs and Cs as well as your Ps and Qs in the presence of Her Majesties servants.
However sounds like your having a wonderful time, but you do where ever you roam.
Wish I was there.
The Duck Herder said…
I mean, once you got past the lustakad gel at the airyport, and finished rubbing beautifully coloured and textured ioreesh wool on yer fecking face, it would appear that one's teekannusoojendajad exhibition turned out quite lovely.
Your tongue is sharper than your needles. Bet the Queen don't get felt up. Bitch.
mem said…
Haven't the Irish ever seen "The Commitments"?? According to an Irish friend of mine, "bastard" is the most offensive word you can use in Ireland. Maybe you could try it out and see what happens : )
Notjustnat said…
FFFF, fabulous, fun, friendly and time try them, but in your thought you say whatever you want! Have a safe trip home ONE!
Hahnsmum said…
Not to worry Lady..Obviously one made a lasting impression... OMG, not another ORSTAYLIAN .. My dear friend LB was frisked returning home just recently as one of those sweet dear little Beagles sat in front of LB`s back pack...OMG, not another bag full of illegal plants & food..No such luck for the powers that be..Was LB`s grandsons lunch bag & Grandson had carried bananas in it way back in OZ monthes B4.. What a great little nose that sweet little beagle has..
ABSOLUTELY love those teapots.. Best Wishes, PLEEEEESSSSE be good, we love one & would love one to return back in Oz without a blemish... Luv, P.C.. New England, OZ..
jwami said…
Well I bet none of them ever saw such beautiful knitted socks before, not that they probably even knew what they were looking at, but sure you could walk very proudly with that knowingness xx
Baa-Me Kniits said…
I will be very racist and suggest that the Gel at Heathrow wasn't even English so what the feck would she know about swearing??? ;-) I hope that video you got sent is the fecking Irish lassies about travelling and cheap fares....its brilliant!!
Woolly Bits said…
what the heck.. I got frisked even though nothing beeped! twice, in and out!! a minor miracle that I didn't have to undress in front of the crowd:(( but maybe she was just jealous because she can't knit socks? one never knows....

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