For my Sins

One sent a letter home regarding much AND including the Heathrow yarn.
Many a reply came back wondering what The Bloke was doing throughout.
Mostly he was doing this!

But then afterwards he found One a comfy lounge and a strong cup of tea and a few soothing and even commiserative words to help calm One.  He is a good man.

Here is One telling the Good Mary Mother of God herself (or is that Saint Bernadette) that it is nooo good, no amount of Hail Marys or Our Fathers ever did help - One was bold with a quick tongue at St Joseph's primary and One was bold with a quick tongue at St Rita's secondary and strike me down dead if One is about to go all weak at the knees in the face of a frisk even by one of Her Majesty's servants.  Strike me down dead.  (Her Majesty the Queen of England that is.)

Even the Leprechauns have vacated this little beauty on Inis Mor, the biggest of the Aran Isles off the West Coast of Ireland.  It is grey and bleak and rugged and particularly uninviting - but every day the tourists stream in. Today we walked and walked.  Tomorrow we cycle further West for bigger ruins on a bleaker hillside.  Looking forward to that.


Stafford Ray said…
I too was wondering what the Bloke was doing, and imagining him taking the Phil the Greek pose as one does in the presence of either of Her Majesties, poor bugger!
One could have adorned the statue with a beanie for the photo, and the poor little dry stone cottage does look a bit wan with no roof.
One does look cold too, so maybe the Bloke was looking over the sea towards the warmth of SE Queensland where it has been like Darwin! Hot and humid.
Right now at 5.30 AM a bit nippy, so your return should be to balmy Autumn. Stay safe.
jwami said…
I'm envious. Cycling in the wilds of Ireland sounds most appealing. But what is that mast doing in the Inis Mor picture? A bespoilment of an otherwise beautifully wild and natural landscape, is it not?
Hopefully an isolated case.
Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!
Creative Design said…
You'll most definitely need a cuppa after tomorrow!

grrl + dog said…
Isn't the land just so beautiful?

I really got why they used wool as the major source of wealth.
lynne h said…
this One is all smiles at the thought of your bold, quick tongue in primary and secondary school... : )

the bloke is very wise, very wise indeed.

Sue said…
I leave for the UK in just over a week. It still looks pretty cold over there?

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