Eeeeek!! LONDON calling

Only TWO WEEKS to go

One must.....

Choose knitted Objets d'art

Paint alluminium tea pots.

I knooo.  I knoo.   Only the spout and handles are painted. Well spotted.

It is the theatre that matters - the theatre.

And zee reason for all zees preparation?

One will have 13 knitted objets d'art on exhibition at the...

Spring Stitch and Craft Show at the Olympia in West Kensington

17 - 20 March.

One will also be yakking away about tea cosies at the Knitting Live Stage 3 of the 4 days and signing books (if you loike).

Bring your own treasured tea cosy for show and tell, yep yep, do that and say hello to moi and all the other closet tea cosy fetishists.

One must also remember to...

1. speak in hushed tones about booking Corporate Cats

2. shuffle some papers on the desk

3. make a few lists

4. DO the things on the lists

5. check off the things on the lists

6. practice one's vowels

Now where DID One put that passport?


NessaKnits said…
Good luck ONE with finding the passport for the land of Lords and Ladies. One will fit in very well indeedy.
Ms. Kimba said…
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet you :) I'm so excited about everything, meeting you, just being in London etc etc..I hope you have fun while your there. I know I will!
Strickbombe said…
EEEK indeed. EEEK because I can't get there to meet you, even though you're on the same continent. One needs plenty of notice for objects d'art at the moment, especially ones that are "jetted in" from Australia.
No scoffing the scones! "Jetting in"... fabulous darling, fabulous!
little hat said…
Whoo Hoo Loani. Getting close.
Stafford Ray said…
Should we expect to hear of the bestowing of a Dameship, courtsy of Elizabeth, that lesser queen of the realm?
Crochet with Raymond said…
Oh Wow Loani, you are sooo inspiring, I'm so excited about seeing you follow your passion and what has resulted from it!
hsve an amazing time in London XXXXX
jwami said…
Whose sock is that, getting the sniffing treatment?
Okay okay, I'm grumpy because I can't go to London to meet the Queen. xSniffx
Hahnsmum said…
Well l`ll be !!! Just sent Message & it Zooommmmphed into cyber... Just to tell you, Dont forget to come back.. Have a great time.. Safe journey, God speed. Best Wishes,
Pam Clarke.. Bingara, NSW..
Shell Sherree said…
Wheeee! How exciting ~ good for you, Loani. I just wish I lived closer ~ I'd happily Wes-sit for you.
mem said…
How exciting! Quite a posh exhibit...and a presenter no less. Coup indeed! I see your assistant feline is checking things out in preparation. Wish I could be there!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
That is so exciting Loani, maybe you should do some urban guerrilla work over there while you are at it....Nelsons Column?? Have a fab time and enjoy the english :-) I am working on a pattern for a London Bus and Taxi for teacozies for the Miles Tea Cozy competition next year...LOVE LONDON, my home town :-)
Frockfarie said…
Fantastic, I hope everything goes well.
grrl + dog said…
It's only fitting to be in London if you are a queen.

I am sure you will recieve royal treatment..
Jejune said…
Oh how exciting Loani!! Off to London!!! Who knew that tea cosies could take you so far?!

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