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Eeeeek!! LONDON calling

Only TWO WEEKS to go
One must.....

Choose knitted Objets d'art

Paint alluminium tea pots.

I knooo.  I knoo.   Only the spout and handles are painted. Well spotted.

It is the theatre that matters - the theatre.

And zee reason for all zees preparation?

One will have 13 knitted objets d'art on exhibition at the...

Spring Stitch and Craft Show at the Olympia in West Kensington

17 - 20 March.

One will also be yakking away about tea cosies at the Knitting Live Stage 3 of the 4 days and signing books (if you loike).

Bring your own treasured tea cosy for show and tell, yep yep, do that and say hello to moi and all the other closet tea cosy fetishists.

One must also remember to...

1. speak in hushed tones about booking Corporate Cats

2. shuffle some papers on the desk

3. make a few lists

4. DO the things on the lists

5. check off the things on the lists

6. practice one's vowels

Now where DID One put that passport?

Colour Envy

It is NOT mine.   No no no.  It is Erin's. I keep popping over there for another ganzy. If you love it too... please go over to Erin's and tell her.
Be sure to have a very good look around Erin's blog.... she also does clever funny beautiful things like this


This is Rosemary's painting of Elfin.

Sometimes you run into people and run into them and run into them.

Rosemary!  Next time we run into each other - let's find the nearest coffee shop and eat cake together.

In the meantime - oi LERVE your painting of Elfin.  It is clever, and funny and rude and you must hang on to it....

....for I am plotting and scheming a plot and a scheme.

Something to do with this on ...
Erin's Blog

And this on ...
Shelly's Blog

And this on ...
Liz's Blog

A magnificent plot and a fabulous scheme. 

And so to magnificent and fabulous knitting.


Oi LERVE double knitting.
Yes oi do.
Oi LERVE it to death

Oi LERVE Fair Isle
Oi LERVE Knitting in the Round on 2 Circular Needles.
and well....
Oi just lerve KNITTING

See how when you turn the knitted fabric over the colours are reversed?  See?  See?

Now that is clever.

I knoooo.  I knoooo.  Some of us are easily pleased.

Brown Cardy

One is always particularly chuffed when One has managed to knit something that One might wear....

...even if it is only a Brown Cardy.

It looks like an ORDINARY Brown Cardy but really it is a very special Brown Cardy made from baby alpaca wool (Eki Riva 8ply for the rabid knitters amongst you), in the round, the front opening steeked, the collar double knitted - oops - forgive One - that is all for the rabid knitters amongst you.

It FEELS divine against the skin.

And it FOLDS beautifully too don't you think.

Oh and here is a gratuitous cat photo, another no ordinary brown thing.