Win Win

This is Nat.  I have never met Nat.  Well not in the flesh.  Nat lives in Melbourne.  I know Nat from here in blog land.  I can't remember how or when or why but at some point in the way that the world wide web works, Nat and Loani crossed bloggy paths, and then started talking.

The Kwistmas Pwesent give away was Nat's idea.  She wrote to me to say that she was going to give away a tea cosy that she had knitted - a REALLY Wild Tea Cosy, Garden Party and where could she buy my book to give away too. 

Of course, Nat had her own very beautiful quilt work to share.  Mugs and mug mats.

Well what was I going to say?  Except of course "I will give the books."  And "let's send our followers to each others blogs."

That has been the REAL treat.  All the lovely new bloggers to play with.  YOU!

One and The Bloke

And well here is One and The Bloke wishing you everything your heart desires in 2011!

Come on now!  Only the manliest of men would agree to wave at you in gold hand knitted socks.

Oh yeah:  And the winners are....

No. 1
Anne-Marie of Toronto

and No. 2
Library Lass 
Be sure to go over to Nat's  to see what you have won.  Nat will get your postal address from you and let me know.


Notjustnat said…
Now that I've met your bloke I can understand why you are what you are! Why? Coz your bloke likes fishies haha! Whenever he doesn't want that shirt, I will have it! Thanks for the fun - Hugs Nat
Robyn said…
Just beautiful... I like that I'm always guaranteed a smile when I visit here.
Happy New Year
Thanks again Loani! I'm going to enjoy learning how to knit those wacky tea cosies!!
grrl + dog said…
is that Nat


Oh my lordy lordy..

smocking is on my AADD list for 2011.

You know...

artistic attention deficit..

Looove smocking.

me verif word is


yes I am.
The bloke gets in on your shenanagins- bless 'im.
All the best for da New Year!
librarylass said…
Just received my prize from you today.. THANKS!! Such a pretty book, and the signing inside is a perfect extra touch.

Thanks again!!!!!
Stafford Ray said…
I too wish you both a memorable 2011 in all the best of ways, with plenty of fish and new ideas for outstandingly wild tea cosies! An X for you and O for the Bloke!

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