One's Year in Art

One has gathered by luck and by design some beautiful things from around the globe this last year.

This little beauty (the black ink drawing on white paper) came by luck, a win over at the bloggy home of Lilly Piri.

Lilly is One's second cousin, not seen in about a decade, since she was just a Gel (gel spoken with a hard 'G'). Lilly is now an old married woman ('old' not in the sense of being OLD but rather in the sense of not being a 'G'el any more) and lives with her German husband in .... Germany! (soft 'G' for 'German' and 'Germany'.)

One, being old (definitely in the sense of being OLD), has completely forgotten how One found Lilly here in blogland. But what a treat to find Lilly doing what she is doing.  Thank you Lilly, for One's gift and all the other little unexpected but much appreciated gifts that came with it.

Aishlyn drew this for One.  Aishlyn is still a young Gel, perhaps more of a little Gel really.  She came with her Mum to a book event in Melbourne in May.

Thank you Aishlyn.  Thank you very much. One loves the drawing and the other one you gave One too.  One. Two. One. Two. Won too. Want to.  Want. Too.

Errrr.  Where was One?

One's tea cosies have been turned into ART. 

Liz Steel, sketch artist and sometimes knitter agreed to sell One the drawing she did of Roger Rampant (spoken with a French accent).  Roger Rampant is spoken with a French accent.  Not the drawing.  Drawings are not spoken.  They are drawn.  Horse and Cart.  Fart. (said the Fairy Queen)

When One saw Baby Face over at Don's place... weellll (said in low growly voice) One just had to have it didn't One.

Baby Face is a Favourite Thing.
A Favourite Thing is Baby Face.

One does love Lynne Hoppe's paintings on muslin, One does. One has purchased a couple of these making One feel extremely grown up for a very reasonable price.

And then of course there is always the trusted tea towel for those who cannot afford an original.

Zeez  eeez a Camilla Engman limited edition.  Gorn!  Did you ever imagine a limited edition on a tea towel??!!  Only a thousand tea towels in all the whole world!

To come...
One's year in the garden.
One's year in tea cosies!!!


Well, didn't one cleanup last year? One is a lucky one. Baby loves one too. (now you got this one started)
Liz Steel said…
hi Loani! thanks for the mention. Glad you survived the floods.
Happy New Year - hope 2011 is a good one.
Frockfarie said…
Aishlyn was so pleased to see her picture posted again, thanks from both of us.
Justjen said…
Oh! I love Babyface too.
Carolina said…
Great year, art wise! Thanks for sharing.
lynne h said…
and don't you know that we're all VERY honored to be chosen by The Queen!!

Notjustnat said…
One over here would like to received that postcard PLEASE?
Jacqui and Mick said…
One has done very well indeed on the art front. Noice.
Purl Buttons said…
What a great cheering up you did for me! I was feeling a little low and your entry made me laugh out loud! I always enjoy what you write but today it was most appreciated.
Camilla Engman said…
Happy 2011 Loani! I'm happy to have something to do with your teaparty even if it is cleaning up ;)
lilly piri said…
Haha, well I'm a bit slow, eh! Thanks for the mention, glad to see it all arrived safe & sound. Happy new year, Loani!
grrl + dog said…
I love
Camilla Engman..

And all your swag.
ROZ said…
Great post! My bad news, I just broke my everyday tea pot! Love those great cozies, wonderful colors

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