Some one is getting tea cosies for Christmas.

Threads and More in Brisbane yesterday and the day before -

A picture tells a thousand words.
14 pictures tells.....

Principessa Kerry

Principessa Jan

Principessa Shaaryn

Principessa Lynda
Principessa Lyn

Principessa Pushpa

Principessa Denise

Principessa Lorretta

Principessa Joan

Principessa Libby

Principessa Enid

A Cuddle of Cosies.

Thank you all for playing tea cosy so very nicely with me for two days. 

Oi had a very noice toime.
VERY noice.


little hat said…
Not a man in sight. All off listening to "the Spooky Men's chorlae" singing about concrete and Men's tool sheds. almost as good as a tea cosy.

Here they are:
Notjustnat said…
It pays to have a teacher and of cause know how to knit helps too. Look at them cosies! They look must better than mine poor ones. Anyhow, one of them will be in an exhibition next week with your name and the book on the label! Hugs Nat
NessaKnits said…
Noice. Very Noice.
Helen said…
Lovely, lovely ... I can 'hear' you speaking!!!
Robyn said…
You are obviously a brilliant teacher.

x Robyn
Anonymous said…
They are all looking so good.. Wish l wasnt so far away..AND that wool on those shelves..OH pure bliss. Waiting at mo on my latest gorgeous order to arrive from Nundle Woollen Mill..
New England,
Croap Queen said…
I've just stumbled across your blog, and straight off the settee - your work is amazing. I wish I could produce anything half as good!
Oh how I wish I could knit without having to have one needle shoved in an armpit - I just CAN'T knit with circular needles or anything that's not long enough to stick under my arm (must be a northern English thing).
I can crochet for England, bead, bake and am licensed to make soap - can I qualify for an apron like yours "Queen of f*!@ing everything"? I need one immediately :-) and some inspiration for funky crocheted cosies would be fab. There doesn't seem to be a standard sized pot here in the UK. Sob.
Anyhow, I remain in awe of your Queenliness.
Jo (aka Croap Queen)
annie said…
Hi Loani. My friend Enid enjoyed her day at the workshop by the looks. She mentioned something about giving you the link to the photos of the tea cosies she knitted for the high tea a while back, so here it is. I did mention it here in the comments way back then but it was a while ago:
Julie Barkley said…
I just think these tea cozies are the cutest ever!

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