Shelter Knit Test - TICK TICK TICK

It doesn't matter which way you look at it.  
It is bloody beautiful!
Of course if you are Australian you will already understand that "BLOODY beautiful" is infinitely more beautiful than just plain old "beautiful".
It is not soft but it is not coarse either.  
It is earthy, sturdy, solid, trustworthy.
The finished knitted fabric sits up like proper wool, all perky and punchy.

And the colours are to die for.  
I love the twinkle of burnt orange (Embers) in the green (Sap). 
I can feel a vest coming on.  
Pour moi and then a matching one for The Bloke and then one for The Son and one for The Son's Really Great Girlfriend and then one for the .... on and on until kingdom knit - all up in Shelter.


NessaKnits said…
It is lovely, and you are right, the burnt orange to die for.
annie said…
Love the wool, love the snakeskin. Love the tea cosies of course.

Left a comment and a link for you Loani, in your Nov 14 workshop post. re all the tea cosies Enid knitted for the motor neurone research high tea that she had in August.
Janette said…
Was wondering exactly what Shelter would be like.

Just as I thought and as you say "bloody beautiful".

I have to get me some :)
Robin said…
Love anything from Jarred Flood, too!
You're right its is bloody beautiful no matter which way you look at it!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Oh yes Bloody Booodiful!!! I am going to have to get some of that, my SIL just gifted me some money for a wool stash...Lucky me!
Maree: said…
I haven't used this wool as yet but it is B**** Beautiful oh & your sample is B**** Nice too...
Helen said…
Ditto on the bloody beautiful!
jwami said…
Oh yes, gorgeous. But you must have the patience of Job for that pattern? ... k1, change colour, k1, change colour, k1, ......... !!
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Damn Gir!!! That wool is gorgeous!!!
Don said…
Bloody ripper Babe.
dillpickle said…
It is really lovely! Some in Pumpernickel has just arrived at our house - a very rich deep brown and I can't wait to start knitting with it!
fractal whisper said…
Oooh, that looks awesome! It'd make a gorgeous vest, and such an easy pattern. Do you twist the strands at the back?

By the way, I've never been polite and said hello ;) I've been reading your blog for a while, after falling in love with a tea cosy exhibition at the Avid Reader in Brisbane. And I've I've made a few of your teacosies for people last Christmas, thank you for awesome patterns!
Monika said…
Your Shelter knitting looks wonderful! I love the colors.

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