FIVE Days - Geelong and Mittagong

The ballot for Geelong Textile Forum 2011 has just opened. 

Workshop Mon 26 Sept - Sat 1 Oct.
Registration on Sunday 25 Sept.

You need to submit your enrollment form (go to the Forum website) ASAP as there is a ballot held for all places will be held on 12 December 2010.

One shall be giving a workshop:
Wild Knitting - The Tea Cosy.  Naturellement!

"Five days!" you exclaim?  Yes five days - with an extra half day for exhibition.

Wild Knitting is just one of 15 fabulous classes you can do. It will be a festival, a corroboree, a moon dance of textile tragics.
And then there is Sturt Winter School in Mittagong. 

Workshop Mon 4 July - Fri 8 July.
Registration Sunday 3 July.

This will be One's third Sturt Winter School.  One does love Mittagong in the winter.

Sturt is not limited to textiles.  There is book making and water colour and basket weaving and pottery and jewelery and wood carving and... 

Both these events are large annual events - very popular with classes often booked out well in advance.

(And yes - there is a noice little Q&A in the current Textile Fibre Forum magazine.  Ta)
A TWO day workshop is more prescriptive with the emphasis on learning tricks and techniques.

In a FIVE day workshop you can add to that...

"the tutor shares her voracious lust for colour, good design and beautiful wool...

You will explore the wild and sculptural possibilities of knitting.

You will design your own tea cosy and pattern it so that it can be recreated.

These workshops are not for the faint hearted - but look at those smiles!

Thank you Laura and Jan, (Sturt 2010), and Dorothy and Denise (Sturt 2009).  Your tea cosies are MAGNIFICENT!


Notjustnat said…
How fabulous I will there on the exhibition/open day and hope to catch up with you...! Hugs Nat
lilly piri said…
That looks like a helluva lot of fun - I hope you take a lot of photos! Love that you visited Grandma, Mum said they have to go up again to show her how to use the Ipad, can't wait to see her online!!
teacosy said…
I will have to save up to visit my sister in Brisbane for the next year some time. I would love to attend a class of teacosy making. But as I am living out in germany it will take some time.
regards Sylvia
Anonymous said…
Anything planned for the Gorgeous Nundle Loani ??? Sox ??? Good try at least.. Regards, Hahnsmum of Bingara..
grrl + dog said…

there's that cosy that got me in trouble.... off to the sturt site to check it out. I do love it there.

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