12 October 2010

Flight of the Tea Cosy


Turn your SOUND up first.
A bit of nonsense.
Video Cosies


GerryART said...

Turned my volume up - WOW ! ! 8*O ! ! !! !
You are tooooo funny.
This is wonderful, Thanks for the pick me up.


pinkviolets said...

You are very clever aren't you!!!!

Anne said...


Ms. Kimba said...

Thats such a cute video :)

grrl + dog said...

how entertaining is that...watching a cosy get built ..
while the baby head watches..

Luvvie said...

Hooray for you - you did it!!!

Jacqui said...

love it!

janis said...

Love ya work apron and 'tools of clean' be-gloved in rubber with a very serious look in ya eye.
then "Flight of the Tea Cosy" played, hope ya don't mind me sayin' ya one nutty sheila.....please please don't change.
more playful fun I say

Grand Purl Baa said...

Now I usually try to respond to comments privately, especially those wot have their private emails attached to their blog.

Today I respond publicly here to yoos all because of JANIS.

Than Queue
Than Queue
Than Queue

:-) See that! That is a big nosed smile.