Cold hands
Warm heart.


Warm feet
Warm feet

Old Chinese Proverb


NessaKnits said…
I see the socks got finished. Deliciousness itself.
elsiee said…
warm feet
happy spouse
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
errrr.... I have wondered about the hands for while now. You've knitted scarves, hats, jumpers, sock but no gloves.

Believe me when I say one can knit whilst wearing fingerless gloves. One knows these things when one lives in a cold climate.

Gorgeous socks.
ritarenata said…
ooooh, yammie
Notjustnat said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous socks. Are they for new book? How crazy can you knit socks haha! Hugs Nat
Luvvie said…
Ooh look at all those socks..isn't that amazing?.....several pairs of socks and I seem to be agonising over just one pair!!!!
Hahnsmum said…
l truly love those pink sox..So very pretty..Yous is so clever..l am currently trying to finish my last wrap with love quilt & cannot get motivated. Regards, Hahnsmum
Hahnsmum said…
And l was just going to ask-when r u having a ''Sox-A- Thon'' knitting wkend at our gorgeous Nundle Woollen mill. ??? Would be nice..
Stafford Ray said…
Chinese proverb: "warm feet/warm feet". Garn... yer made it up!
Lovely! Makes me want to cast on a pair right away. It is approaching winter here in the US. Temps here in the mountains are sinking to zero over night! (Well, 38F, anyway. That's close, right?)
Grand Purl Baa said…
Ah Miss Sewbeads.
We too, down under, are on Celsius so I understand zero - well sort of because if we ever get as low as 6 degrees. But we'd all be complaining that our tits were freezing off at about 12 degrees unaccustomed as we are to the cold on the Sunshine Coast.
Queen of the Weather.
Kathie said…
beautiful socks....
wow am I ever impressed.

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