Tea Cosy Princesses

Princess Rachel's Cosy - a work of art in progress.

Yesterday and the day before, six Princesses of the Tea Cosy gathered at Tangled Yarns in inner city Brisbane to play tea cosy with me.

And that is all that needs to be said about that....

.... for their wide smiles and their happy tea cosies say the rest!

Top Left:  Princess Robin

Top Right:  Princess Lesleigh

Bottom Left:  Princess Rachel

Bottom Right:  Princesses (and friends) Ros and Robin

click on photos to embiggen
Top Right:  Princess Sam

Top Left:  Princess Sam's Tea Cosy

Bottom Left:  Princess Ros

Bottom Right:  Princess Jeannine 


NessaKnits said…
Love the photos!
Ms. Kimba said…
I wonder how you know how big to make the tea cosie when all tea pots are different sizes?
Jacqui said…
Look at those cheeky smiles, anyone would think they'd be downing gin and playing poker all weekend! Well done ladies, your tea cosies are GREAT
Princess Sam said…
Thanks Loani! I had the best time and I learnt so many things. I am working hard on finishing my cosy.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Ms Kimba

No really - in this workshop we work from the top down and when we get to the bowl of the pot we measure each one to fit perfectly.

We are not following a written pattern. Instructions are given verbally, colour and size decisions are made individually.
Blossy said…
Those tea cosies look fantastic! So bright & colourful.
Kylie said…
Looks like you all had a great time:)
petite carousel said…
Those cosies are adorable!

Glad that you had a great weekend.
Notjustnat said…
Oh, what fun! Did they finished their cosies in one day? I wish was there too! Hugs Nat
Anonymous said…
My ex-daughter in law stayed the other night with her partner, a Brissy doctor, & her grandson.((Our Great grandson- How cool was that ))
Dr Michael spotted my collection of teacosies...So now l promised to make him a ''really'' wild one for his beloved teapot.. l knew there was another reason l joined yr group knitting teacosies...
Absolutely LOVE the very top cosy in these last pics..Just love the bright colours.. Regards, Hahnsmum..
elsiee said…
what lovely and very talented playmates you have my dear!
Thanks, Loani! It was a monster-sized coupla days and so, so lovely to have nothing else to concentrate on but the knittin'. (And if there was gin and a poker game, how come I missed that?) Now have far, far too many roses, oh well, another cosy on the way for my favourite home-pot.
dianne said…
The tea cosys the ladies made are absolutely beautiful. I made cosys years ago. Like maybe 30ish, yrs ago. My mother loved to use them. Mine were only plain. nothing like yours. Here in Nova Scotia, Canada people are tea drinkers. How may I get a pattern? Tea to you. Dianne
Purl Buttons said…

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