The Bloke

Yep well Julian got shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award.  No big prize.  But a beautiful gold sticker to put on his books that announces...  "Shortlisted for the Queensland Premier's Literary Award 2010."

I told Anna (Anna Bligh dears, Anna Bligh - yes, a direct descendant of Captain William Bligh, Queensland's Premier, of the Queensland Premier's Literary Award fame)

...that she ought to consider the Queensland Premier's KNITERARY Awards for next year.

She is knitting up a cosy for my Portraits of a Tea Cosy project.  We are like THIS.. (said with fore finger and middle finger wrapped around each other in a big digit hug) and Anna... yes we are.

Well how could we not be?  She is a knitter.

We had intended to travel to New York for two weeks in October but ... tricked you.

We are going to London and then Ireland instead.

Does that mean I have to ungroup from the New York Subway Knitters on Ravelry?

The Knitting and Stitching Show London is on from 7 - 10 October.

I'll be there just for a look/see at this stage - but maybe to play tea cosy with you.  Not sure yet.  Working on it.

It is spring on our verandah.

All these photos taken in the space of about an hour.

Yep that is my finger.  Just hoping that is not something too offensive hanging off it there.

No he is not tame.
He is just GAME.

Photo 1: King Parrot

Photo 2: Carpet snake and Butcher bird

Photo 3:  Kookaburra

Photo 4:  Burmese Bliss

Wes The Cat

I'm not sure that cat knows it's spring yet though.

What WAS my rule about cats and wool?


NessaKnits said…
I didn't know Anna Bligh was related to William Bligh. Wonder if she is related to Mel Gibson too? LOL I'm from south of the border.

Great photos and nice wool boxes. I have some of them myself.

And I am sure my husband would leerve your husband's book.
Notjustnat said…
Baa for the shortlisted for QLD award. Yes I know Anna Bligh too, see her often (on tele) haha! How exciting to go to London for a knitting a storm show.
My second tea cosy left for Cyprus yesterday. I can't blog it until she gets it. I'm on to my third one now. I can knit the roses without a pattern...!
grrl + dog said…

I sooo miss having the king parrots visit and the kookas coming over to stare through the glass window at me to feed them.

The pythons will keep your rats down, so all is good.
Kate said…
I do love how cats find the cosiest of cosy places to curl into- usually the places most forbidden in my experience of Burmese (mine is always under or on the quilt and is most irate when I have to turn it.)

Kniterary awards sound like a terrific idea, I'll bet Anna was keen.
Shell Sherree said…
Aww, Wes!! Rules were meant to be...

Congrats to The Bloke ~ that sticker would impress me no end!!
lilly piri said…
Wes almost looks colour coded! How do you stop him from hunting the wildlife? Or is he a big couch potato? Congratulations to Julian, too!!
lynne h said…
sigh... even reading that the bloke was shortlisted i'm smiling. just because you're so damned funny... : )

you are...

bowerbirdz said…
Hmmm... portraits of a tea cosy sounds interesting - when do we hear more? Have a great time overseas!
p said…
I saw a few ladies knitting while on the subway in nyc, could it be the group you were intending to join?

But london sounds equally as fab too!
Annie said…
Interested to hear of all the knitting groups springing up

I think I told you I had a friend who was knitting her way through your books ...I featured them here on my blog...with a reference to your blog, I hope that was OK?
Annie said…
Ah, Loani, thanks for your visit to my post about the tea cosies. Just to correct...I didnt knit them, a friend did (her husband died last year of Motor Neurone disease). I put it in very fine print down the bottom of the post.

I also had some kookaburras who came to visit my back verandah. They are so cute. Don't know whether you saw them on my post:

Yesterday I had a crow with beautiful yellow eyes, visit me, but I was too slow with the camera! I will have to keep it on the kitchen bench!
Jejune said…
Oh, travel! Nearly prizes! Anna Bligh! Excitement all around!!
Don said…
Travel you say? Will there be an unknitted teapot left in England?
Jacqui said…
Wesley, Wesley, Wesley - you like to push things don't you? Lucky your Mum is a big softie.

How can there be so much angst against Anna if she can knit a tea cosie? I don't get it. I think she's great but we have such a low standard down here perhaps I'm out of touch.

London and beyond will be wonderful - think of all that wooly goodness waiting for you to explore.

What did Wes think of the python? Can't believe how game those birds are.
TorontoWalkie said…
Here I was thinking "wow, wot fine colourful birds they are" when I SUDDENLY notice the da*n snake. Good grief. Girl. Do you know there's a snake on your verandah?

Yew southerners. Makes me glad for the yards of snow we get up here in the great white north.

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