Too Much Cake

So .... Bowral ... Wool Addiction.

It is starting to feel like home.

I LERVE going to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in the winter.  I get to pack all my knitted socks and scarves and next year a jumper with two whole sleeves.

I LERVE spending two whole days in rooms lined with wool and filled with happy knitting women.

I LERVE watching tea cosies grow in dexterous knitting hands and smiling hearts.

Last week I played tea cosy with...

and Jo.

Things I learned...

That a second day allows time for politeness to give way to a good old girl romp.

That girls just wanna have fun.

That too much cake really is too much cake.

That I am happy to take any and every opportunity to be reminded of all of these things.


ritarenata said…
again: i must go to australia. and until that: i drink more tea.
ps: or i buy your book until that.
Notjustnat said…
Ohhhh... these are cool! How fun! Hugs
Shell Sherree said…
Sounds very loverly. What lovely ladies and fine cosies!
Helmi said…
This looks so good. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.
grt, Helmi
Maree: said…
Lovely Cosies...know what you mean about Bowral in the Winter...Hope you Enjoyed it.
grrl + dog said…
are they versions of rosie posie?

they are looking happy, and the new shop is great with good coffee too.
Robyn said…
too much cake sounds good to me and looks good too if cosies are the result.

I miss a bit of winter fun... not much of one over here in the west, though they forecast rain today... yipppeee!
lilly piri said…
Too much cake? I won't believe this until I've tested it out for myself! Those tea cosies look so splendid.

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