Fishing and Knitting - a Perfect Marriage

Me and The Bloke bofe got books.  Well yous already know that I know.

What you don't know is that The Bloke's book has been shortlisted for ...

... The Queensland Premiers Literary Award - Science Writing.

He is very excited.
I am very excited.

If he wins on the 31s August, he will get a noice sum of money.  (Albeit that all sums of money are noice.)

If he doesn't win, he will get a noice sticker to put on his book.

Go on.  A sticker is a better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  (Albeit that almost anything is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.)

And here we are together showing off our books because yesterday the local glossy Weekender came out to do a feature on the Published Knitter and the Published Fish Doctor and their home in the hinterland.  
I saw Ben the Photographer sit on the coffee table and point his camera in this direction.

And I saw Ben the Photographer stand here and point his camera in this direction.

There were many more "here and points" but you'll have to look out for the Weekender to see them.

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Now this might seem an odd spot to say thank you - beside a dog's cocked leg - but this is the place I have chosen.

It is one's usual practice to respond to comments by return email or by visit to your own lovely blog and while there is no excuse for lax manners, one holds up one's busy knitty schedule to you in one's defence and says hello and thank you here.

And welcome to fellow blogers and blog following fellows new and old.

Home now for a while to knit up a new book.  Woo hoo.  And to polish my manners.


Shell Sherree said…
It's all kinds of wonderful to have two esteemed authors under this lovely roof in one of my fave colour schemes, let alone one who doubles as a knitter and expert on minding Ps and Qs. Fine. Mighty fine.
Sue said…
Congratulations to you both!
Notjustnat said…
Lovly news all around. Congrats to both books - how exciting good luck to both - Hugs Nat
elsiee said…
what a sexy glamorous literary power couple the two of you make - well done!!
Olix said…
So Luvski when you say the Weekender is that some special Sunshine coast thingy or are we talking The Orstralian???

PS Loverly photo of two loverly people
grrl + dog said…
Hey Blogs are no pressure.

you know..

Nice to see what the bloke looks like...
Ms. Kimba said…
Oo congrats!!!! to both of you :)
May wishes and hopes and dreams of loads of cash fall upon your laps..haha....It's what we all wish for so why not?

Great job to you both
lynne h said…
oh i do love those chooks that ben the photographer aimed his camera at! and i hope the bloke wins!!
Anonymous said…
Woh Hooh, Well Done , you two clever folk... Like yr finished 2 sleeved jumper by the way- AND Loovvve that sweet ''cocking his leg'' type doggie ..Cute or Wot !!!
Best wishes ,
NSW, Oz..
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Congratulations and good luck!

PS love the little doggie....the kids school has a set of 3 dogs like that although not being so cheeky :-)
Anonymous said…
Aaahhh Haah gotya google..FINALLY got my proper google name thingie working ( l think ) so heres cheers .. Regards, Hahnsmum
(( just in case, eh !!! ))
lilly piri said…
That's such an adorable photo of you talented two! I love the dog sculpture as well. Very NOICE! I also think I will have to look through Julian's book one day, it looks incredible.
planettreasures said…
congrats to the bloke!

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